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An award-winning FREE storybook destination. Classic children’s stories brought to life by TV star Kathy Kinney as Mrs. P.
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Skype and Mrs.P take on 21st Century Storytelling

Teachers learn all about Mrs. P’s use of Skype to help kids learn how to exercise their imagination while building effective listening and writing skills. Read the interview now

I love connecting with classrooms
Mrs. P 

Grand Prize Winner Named in Be-a-Famous Writer Contest

"The Magic Baseball Poster" from Karen Close’s 4th grade at Elm Lawn Elementary school in Middleton, Wisconsin was named the Grand Prize Winner in Mrs. P's 6th annual Be-a-Famous Writer Contest. meet the classroom now!

Congratulations Wisconsin
Mrs. P 

Mrs. P Introduces BOOK BITS - Writing Prompts in the Art of Summarization

A fun classroom exercise to not only work on writing skills, but to continue to develop listening and comprehension skills while learning how to summarize.Join the fun now!

Happy January
Mrs. P 

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