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Online Learning

Welcome to my online learning lesson! The Magic World of Reading, Writing and Storytelling.

As a professional storyteller, I have learned firsthand the power that a good story holds for children. Without a boarding pass, a train ticket or even a good pair of walking shoes, I take children on a journey to the most wonderful and interesting places imaginable through this online lesson! And in the process, I help kids learn how to exercise their imagination while building effective listening and writing skills. The magic comes about by sharing the simple secret – “If you can tell a story, you can write a story.” I share techniques on how to create and share an original story. These simple and entertaining examples inspire students to create their own stories and share them both out loud and on paper. This lesson gives a student’s imagination a serious workout, encourages communication and provides tools to help them build a strong sense of self while helping to generate self-confidence. Proof positive that learning can be fun!


My imagination launcher videos that help jump start imaginations

Imagination launcher worksheet to download for your class

My poetry fun playlists that shares simple poems to inspire students to write their own.

Mrs. P shares vocabulary fun with early readers. Helping young readers build their vocabularies by hearing and seeing the words.

Sing and Dance with Mrs. P - have some fun by adding this catchy song to your classroom fun.

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