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An award-winning FREE storybook destination. Classic children’s stories brought to life by TV star Kathy Kinney as Mrs. P.
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"Actress Kathy Kinney and her talented partners, Clay Graham and Dana Plautz, have created a wonderful new free resource for parents, teachers and librarians which encourages the pleasures of reading and being read to. Mrs. P's love of a good story is infectious and her wacky magical interactive library is a warm and inviting place that children will want to visit over and over again. I'm delighted to have an actress of Kathy's caliber lend her support to children's literacy and encourage everyone to take a look at this wonderful site."
Patricia S. Schroeder, President and Chief Executive Office, Association of American Publishers
"I think this project is a fantastic, original idea. As a parent and teacher/literacy coach, I consider it to be a fabulous alternative to many of the existing kids' websites, which are inane at best and dangerous at worst."
Mary Frances Smith-Reynolds, Literacy Coach, Ivanhoe Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA
"Reading aloud to children has been determined to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading. Sadly, that is not happening nearly enough in our country. The creation of Mrs. P as a free, read-aloud resource for children and families can help address that gap by bringing to life some of the most wonderful stories in a fun, engaging way. When Mrs. P reads with a child, everybody wins!"
Rich Greif, National Executive Director, Everybody Wins! USA
"Ever since I got high-speed Internet, I don't mind being locked in a tower, cuz now I can visit MrsP.com. U R totally my BFF, Mrs. P!"
Sent via text message from Rapunzel, age 19, Tower-on-the-Thames, England
"Dear Mrs. P., I think your website is absolutely lovely! Please thank all those wonderful and generous people who have made it possible for you to read these classic stories on-line. I especially appreciate the absence of annoying advertisements. I plan on sharing your website with the children I teach at my school as well as with other teachers and parents. What a wonderful service you provide to children! Sincerely Yours,"
Suzanne Tilton, Instructional Technology Facilitator, Oak Grove Elementary, Raleigh, NC
"You almost want to toast marshmallows on the open fire as you cyber-curl under Mrs. P’s feet by the fireplace. No need to bring a book; she has quite a selection. This interactive site will thrill your eager readers for hours. Actress Kathy Kinney tells delightful intro stories and expertly reads the books. Best viewed on a high speed Internet connection, it’s a breeze to navigate. Keep an eye on this site for future improvements and enhancements. Our staff is made up entirely of current or past highly-experienced teachers. We ARE teachers, first and always, and we know a good site when we see it. Bravo, Mrs. P.! "
Candace Hackett Shively, Director of K-12 Initiatives, The Source for Learning, Teachers First

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